Wind and Rain Storm Damage Claims

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If you are a property owner in America, you should have experienced high winds and brutal rain storms and similar other natural disasters any other day. It leads to even more damaging for your property when wind and rain combines with hailstones, winter freeze and flood water. After this tragedy, it’s now the time to consult us at for claim against your property insurance and let us handle those issues at a proficient approach for you!

After the wind and rain damage, you must pay attention for the following things,

  • Take a picture of your damaged property or call your insurance representative or roofing professional to confirm about roof damage.
  • If there is any electrical, structural and gas leak hazards, at first shut off  your electric and gas sources to keep safe from fire explosions.
  • Cover your broken windows and doors to avoid further damage which exposed to rain.
  • Keep yourself safe with safety boots and gloves while handling garbage and broken glasses.
  • Don’t start the renovation works until your damaged property has been inspected by your insurance company representative.

Feel free to contact our team and we handle the wind and rain storm insurance claims for your insured property. Reach us today for free consultation and visit: for further information