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Few Do’s and Don’ts While Filing for Property Insurance Claims in Philadelphia

During Property Insurance Claims Philadelphia there are a few steps to follow and few to avoid so that you do not endanger or even negate tour claims.

The most daunting task is probably filing for your insurance claims. It is not only necessary to follow the formalities of the process, but you should also take care of some actions which you should follow and avoid. This is necessary so that you do not imperil your claims and also to expedite the entire process. The first thing you should do after the damage is caused is to notify your insurance company without any delay, even if you have to evacuate your property. This will ensure that the specific limit of notification and filing a claim is not crossed which will result in denial of claims.


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Attention to Every Detail

The process for Property Insurance Claims Philadelphia is an extensive process that has a lot of complications, and any non-compliance with the rules may result in unwanted and unexpected denial. You will have to pay attention to every detail so that you are sure that nothing important, document or otherwise, is missing out. You will also require devoting some time for the preparation that includes evaluation of the claim amount, resolution, settlement and much more. Therefore, for the first phase of the claiming process, you will require the name, address, policy number, and the type of claim along with the description of the damage caused.

Secure Your Property

The entire premise along with the property must be secured so that no additional damage is caused that may include theft, looting, or any third party getting injured any further on-site. You may not have read the instructions before purchasing the policy, which you should ideally have, where it is mentioned that as a policyholder it is your contractual liability and responsibility to mitigate any additional damages caused by the actual disaster. Therefore, make sure that you preserve and protect your property to avoid any issues during the claiming process and prolong it.

Hire a Professional

It is always advised that you hire a competent and qualified professional who knows all about insurance law to help you out with the entire process of claiming. This must be done irrespective of the fact that it is a property damage claim or Business interruption Insurance Claims Philadelphia. This is essential as the insurance adjuster from the insurance company will not look after your interest, no matter how big trouble you are in. They will work on behalf of the company and similarly if you have one working on your behalf you can rest assured that your rights and claim will be protected.

The Don’t List

There are a few things which you should not do until your property is inspected that includes repairing anything unless approved in writing by the insurance company. You should not throw away any receipts, personal belongings, damaged item unless properly documented.